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Assurant Health & Healthcare Reform

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Assurant Health is one of the top health insurance companies in the United States, insuring over a million people.  As a leading insurer of individuals, families, and small employers Assurant has its own stance on the health care reform topic that seems to be on everyone’s minds lately.  This comes from their Newsroom article “Assurant Health: Our View on Healthcare Reform.”  Assurant Health believes that Americans should have a better health care system.  They are a member of America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), a group working towards effective health care reform.

While Assurant believes strongly that health care reform is a critical necessity, they don’t think the government alone should be changing everything.  They would like to see the policy makers work with health insurers, doctors, patients, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and medical supply companies to share in the reform efforts.  Assurant Health would like to see all income levels and health conditions covered by high quality and affordable health care.  They believe a competitive marketplace is the best way to achieve this health care reform.