Golden Rule Health Insurance Parent Company Acquires Health Net

According to “UnitedHealthCare’s Acquisition of Health Net Approved” by Matthew Sturdevant of The Hartford Courant, Health Net is now part of UnitedHealthCare.  Oxford and Golden Rule health insurance are included in the UnitedHealthCare group.  They bid on the rights to renew the memberships of all Health Net customers in Connecticut and their bid was approved this week.  Connecticut now has 5 major health care providers instead of 6, which has drawn some opposition from physician organizations.  They bring up the concern of fewer options for insurance providers leading to an increase in the cost for both treatments and medicine.  But UnitedHealthCare says that they plan to expand both the choices and access to care for Health Net customers and that Connecticut is a competitive market so cost will remain in line with that.

Golden Rule insurance is part of UnitedHealthCare.  They are proud to offer individualized plans customized for each member’s circumstances including coverage like maternity benefits, prescription drug cards, term life plans, and supplemental accident benefits.  With UnitedHealthCare’s acquisition of Health Net, Health Net should have similar programs to Golden Rule health insurance and Oxford insurance.  This will also help them remain the second largest insurance provider in the state.  Customers can compare health insurance from all available providers to find which company suits them the best.  The Connecticut Insurance Department monitors all insurance providers and will closely watch to ensure that Health Net’s customers receive excellent care from their new provider.

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