UPMC & Senate Health Care Bill Victory for Obama

According to “Senate OK’s health care bill in victory for Obama,” Democrats brought President Obama an early Christmas present by passing the health care legislation.  The AP article by David Espo points out that the 60-39 vote was “strictly along party lines.”  This passage allows for the Senate and House to begin talks about this health care plan to help reduce the number of uninsured Americans and bring some control over the insurance industry.  Obama is hopeful that this health insurance reform job will be completed shortly.

What does this mean for health insurance companies like UPMC in Western Pennsylvania?  Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that the likely passage of this health care reform by early next year will provide “affordability for the middle class, security for our seniors, responsibility to our children by reducing the deficit, and accountability for the insurance industry.”  Both the House and Senate bills have many facets that will need to be combined into a working system for the United States, but President Obama ensures Americans that they will only be helped by this health care reform.

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