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Compare Health Insurance Myths with Assurant Health

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

The U.S. News staff straightens out some facts in “3 Biggest Health Insurance Myths.”  While some people wonder if health insurance is actually worth the cost, experts agree that it is crucial to protect your most valuable asset, your health.  The 1st myth is that health insurance sponsored by your employer is always the best to have.  Since large groups were traditionally able to get reduced rates, that belief held true.  But as health care premiums increase by double-digit numbers, compare health insurance costs that are being passed onto employees like co-pay increases and reduced coverage.  These plans don’t always make sense for healthy people that don’t often go to the doctor.  It may be best to find a health plan that specifically meets your needs.

The 2nd myth is that it is too costly to purchase your own health insurance.  Assurant health and other health insurance companies work hard to make your health care affordable.  Just like you comparison shop for car insurance, you should do that with health insurance plans as well.  The 3rd myth is that young and healthy people are just wasting money purchasing health insurance.  It is always important to have some health coverage to protect you from the unexpected injury or health problem to avoid costly emergency room care.  But shop around so that you only pay for the coverage you need.  If you don’t need prescription coverage or maternity benefits, look for plans offering the financial protection that works for you.