Compare Health Insurance Reform for the Military

Many military people are worried about the effect of health care reform on both the active and retired military personnel, according to “Health reform’s effects on military care” from the Sun Herald of Mississippi.  They worry that when you compare health insurance today to the Senate-passed ‘Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’, the military plan ‘Tricare for Life’ will be eliminated.  Both the Obama administration and Democrats in Congress insist that health-care reform will not effect the military in any negative way.  In fact, they say that many of the 16 million veterans currently not enrolled in VA health care will have access to greater benefits and tax credits.

Section 311 of the bill states that the Defense and the Veterans Affairs Departments ability to provide Tricare and other VA health-care will not be affected by the new health-care plan.  The National Military Family Association and other military organizations worry that unplanned negative effects will occur.  Since Tricare fees are tied to Medicare, they worry that new “health insurance exchanges” will give doctors higher fees from private insurance that Tricare cannot match.  Aultcare of Ohio and other health insurance plans would easily be able to beat the fees Tricare can currently pay to doctors and Tricare wouldn’t be able to compete.  Military organizations are urging lawmakers to take a look at the unintended negative consequences that could come out of their health-care reform.

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