Fallon Health Plans: How the Massachusetts Election Could Effect Health Care Reform

Scott Brown is the new Massachusetts Senator.  Seeing that he is a Republican, this could change everything about President Obama’s health care plan.  In “Massachusetts Senate race results: Obama’s signal that all is changed” by Peter Grier of The Christian Science Monitor, the repercussions are discussed.  Unfortunately for President Obama, things have not gone as he planned during his first year in office.  The economy is still struggling, a record number of Americans are unemployed, and his much anticipated health care reform plan has been a battle between Democrats and Republicans.  With a new Republican Senator in a “blue state”, what happens now with health care is up in the air.

Insurance companies have a lot at stake with the proposed health care reform bills.  Fallon health insurance, part of Fallon Community Health Plan of Massachusetts, is dedicated to making communities healthier.  They have a strong interest in health care reform and are waiting to see what will happen in the government with health insurance coverage for more Americans.  Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, is insistent that health care reform will pass even with the Democratic loss in Massachusetts.  Only time will tell how President Obama’s agenda may change after his first difficult year in the presidency.

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