Golden Rule Insurance Helps After Job Loss

unemployedSadly, Americans have been losing their jobs in record numbers over the past year or so.  If you’ve already been laid off or are worried it might be coming, start looking for health insurance outside of your company.  According to “Worried about losing your job? Better start checking out insurance,” by Gail Appleson of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, there are health insurance options out there.  If you lose a job with a company employing at least 20 people, COBRA is an option for continuing the health care you received at your company.  While COBRA was introduced by the government in 1985 to help individuals continue their recently lost health coverage at group rates, diving into the individual insurance market may be much cheaper.

Golden Rule Insurance is just one of the companies that offers individual and family insurance policies to consumers.  They have been in business since 1940 and recently became part of United Health One.  If you are healthy, it might be wise to skip the high costs of COBRA and shop around for a less expensive individual health plan.  It is crucial to find a plan to cover your insurance needs rather than going uninsured.  While the individual insurance marketplace can seem overwhelming and costly, one emergency health related situation can put you in a financial nightmare.  Shop around for short-term or temporary plans that require less paperwork and are made for helping you get from one insurance plan to another, like in the case of being laid off.  There is insurance coverage out there for you, just spend the time to research.

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