If You Didn’t Compare Health Insurance Plans, You May Need “Healthcare Watchdog”

watch dogAccording to company press release “Healthcare Watchdog Launches, Promises Everyone a Fighting Chance Against Greedy Health Insurance Companies,” Healthcare Watchdog is there to help consumers.  It is important to compare health insurance plans and coverage before selecting the plan that is right for you.  Unfortunately though, sometimes the plan doesn’t cover everything that was intended and consumers find themselves with a mountain of health insurance bills.  Healthcare Watchdog is a company founded in 2009 whose purpose is getting your valid health insurance claims covered, obtaining reimbursements when providers pay less than promised, and other health insurance dilemmas.

Shockingly, the press release states that over half of bankruptcies are due to medical costs and 3/4 of those who filed actually did have health insurance.  Healthcare Watchdog charges a monthly fee to customers to provide their consumer advocacy services.  Interesting concept, but a cost that could be avoided by finding great health insurance.  Fallon Health Plans in Massachusetts work hard to meet their goal of developing healthy communities.  They strive to improve the quality of their participants’ lives through great communication, wellness programs, and innovative online technology.  Fallon strives to meet their customers’ needs daily and hopes that you won’t ever need a service like Healthcare Watchdog.  But if you’re looking for an extra insurance against unwanted health care costs, the service might be right for you.

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