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Compare Health Insurance…or just marry for it!

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

wedding ringsWhen Terri Carlson went to compare health insurance and determined it was out of her reach, she decided to find a husband with great health insurance instead.  According to “Married, with benefits: Calif. mom Terri Carlson starts Will Marry for Health Insurance Web site” by Rosemary Black of The New York Daily News, Carlson is looking to marry a virtual stranger in order to get good health insurance.  Recently divorced with her COBRA insurance coverage expiring this May, Carlson does not qualify for health insurance through her job and hasn’t been in the workforce long enough to get Social Security assistance since she stayed home with her kids for 24 years.

The charges for her Web site were less than $10 total and she has already had thousands of interested suitors.  While she hopes to find love as well, her top priority is marrying someone with excellent health insurance.  It could be with any company from Aultcare to Assurant Health, it doesn’t matter as long as it covers her medications.  Carlson has C4 complement deficiency, which is an autoimmune disease that leaves her body without the ability to fight off infections.  She takes up to 20 different prescription medications daily and says she just cannot afford to pay for those out of pocket.  Since she doesn’t see health care reform passing anytime in the near future, Carlson believes that Will Marry for Health Insurance is her best option.