Better Compare Health Insurance Before States Ban Obama’s Reform

american flagIn 34 states, conservative lawmakers might find a way out of President Obama’s healthcare reform, according to “States seeking to ban mandatory health insurance” by David Lieb of the Associated Press.  With amendments either filed or proposed in more than half of the United States, these lawmakers hope to ban any health insurance mandates by the government.  Some compare health insurance mandates to policies that have hurt the American people in the past.  These proposals would not allow penalties against people who do not carry health insurance, but prefer to pay for their medical expenses out of pocket.

While many of these proposals might be up for vote in November, conservative lawmakers shouldn’t get too excited about their plans just yet.  History shows that federal laws usually trump state laws when taken to court, so these measures may be null and void if the federal government does decide to step in.  Supporters of these state proposals believe that it is the right of individuals to decide whether they will buy health insurance or not.  They don’t believe the government should have the authority to tell citizens that they have to purchase health insurance.  This is just the latest battle in this ongoing healthcare war.  Let’s hope President Obama can work with all lawmakers to make decisions in the best interest of the American people.

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