Fallon Health Insurance for the Vancouver Olympics?

vancouverWhile the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics are in full swing, thousands of spectators from all over the world have flocked to Vancouver, Canada.  With snow, ice, and cold temperatures, hopefully fans planned ahead and purchased travel health insurance for their trip.  Daniel Workman of Health Insurance Suite 101 wrote about available coverage in “Winter Olympics Travel Medical Insurance.”  Manulife Financial is Canada’s largest health insurance company.  They offered individual rates to travelers from the United States, Sweden, Germany, Australia, Russia, China, Italy, and Japan; all countries who have athletes participating in the games.

For consumers with Fallon health insurance, Aultcare health insurance, or other insurance plans, they should always check with their personal insurance company first to see if they cover medical care while traveling.  If not, additional coverage is wise.  No one wants an accidental injury or emergency on vacation to ruin not only their trip, but their finances as well.  The rates are much cheaper the younger your age, but are the same for males and females and residents of any included country.  The exclusions to the insurance are few, but should always be checked out before purchase.  Whether traveling to the Olympics or somewhere else, if your health plan doesn’t include travel insurance look into separate trip coverage.

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