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Compare Health Insurance Reform with Obama & the CEOs

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

white houseIn Sunlen Miller’s ABC News article “Obama: No “Straight Answer” from Health Insurance CEOs, Warns of More Premium Hikes to Come Without Up or Down Vote,” Miller talks about this important meeting.  President Obama met with health insurance CEOs on Thursday and seemed disappointed with the results of the meeting.  When you compare health insurance reform options, the bottom line seems to be that something needs to change.  The President doesn’t see insurance companies as willing to make a change.  He said that if health care is not reformed soon, premiums will continue to increase, people will continue to have their coverage dropped, and denials due to pre-existing conditions will still happen in high numbers.

The White House meeting with executives from the top five U.S. insurance companies had the goal of helping the health care reform effort.  After over a year of debating the issue, President Obama said that Congress owes the American people an up or down vote.  While he believes that the process is close to being complete, health care reform has to be voted up in order for the changes Obama sees for the American people to happen this year.  He says that lives will be helped tremendously and even saved with his health care reform.  Many people disagree with the government takeover of health insurance and wonder where that leaves insurance companies like UPMC.  President Obama had hoped for a more positive outcome from his meeting with the CEOs and his reform in general.  It remains to be seen what will happen with this longstanding debate over health care.