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Compare Health Insurance with the Health Care Reform Act of 2010

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

ERThe Washington Post article “Who is left uninsured by the health-care reform bill?” by Ezra Klein contains intriguing information.  With two different pie charts showing the number of uninsured Americans both with and without the health-care reform bill, we are better able to compare health insurance coverage both ways.  The first chart shows the breakdown of insurance coverage in 2019 without the recently passed health-care reform bill.  Uninsured Americans would make up the second largest group of 54 million people.  The largest segment would belong to those insured through the employer market by companies like Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.  Thirty-five million people would have insurance through Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) while the remaining 30 million Americans would be covered under other non-group plans.  Compare the number of Americans uninsured without this health-care reform to the number forcasted with the bill’s passing.

Uninsured Americans should move from the second largest category to the smallest group with the passage of this health-care reform act.  Employer market plans will remain the largest group with 156 million people, followed by 44 million on Medicaid or CHIP, 25 million in the other/non-group market with smaller companies like Golden Rule Health Insurance, 24 million in the created exchanges, and 22 million in the smallest category of uninsured.  Many skeptics ask why so many Americans would still be uninsured with the passage of the health-care reform bill.  The majority of those uninsured would actually be illegal immigrants who are not eligible for insurance coverage through the new program.  The other people that make up the uninsured category would be those who choose not to carry coverage in lieu of paying the $750 penalty, those whose income is low enough that they are not required to purchase insurance, and people who qualify for public programs like Medicaid but don’t actually sign up.  The bottom line is that only 40 million Americans will be in a different health insurance situation after the health-care reform bill and 75% of those will go from being uninsured to being insured.  Most of the others will have moved from individual or small group coverage into the insurance exchanges.