Health Insurance with Maternity Coverage from Fallon Health Plans

pregnantMaternity coverage is often an optional rider with health insurance, so if you are thinking of becoming pregnant or are a woman in her childbearing years, it is important to look for health insurance with maternity coverage.  Most employer sponsored plans have maternity coverage included, but you have to be specific with individual plans to choose the right coverage.  Having a baby in a hospital averages $6,000-$10,000 and can be even higher depending on whether you have a c-section or the baby has to have extra care.  You want your maternity coverage to include visits to your doctor during pregnancy, lab work, hospital stays, sonograms and ultrasounds, prescriptions for pre-natal vitamins and any other medications you need, and care for your newborn.

Some individual health plans have a waiting period before you start receiving maternity coverage.  If you have health insurance from a company like Fallon Health Plans, contact them to see what your coverage includes.  For women who become pregnant before they have obtained health insurance, it is best to contact state or federal government agencies to see what help they can offer you.  Unfortunately there are many risks associated with pregnancy for both the mother and child.  Health insurance with maternity coverage is the best way to take the burden of the financial side of things away.  Fallon Health Plans of Massachusetts is one of the best insurers in the US.  You can look online to determine coverage and available doctors or call and speak with one of their customer service representatives.  Most coverage plans will include everything you need for your pregnancy.

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