Obama’s Vote: Compare Health Insurance Reform

obamaRecent abortion and Medicare disputes in Congress have people wondering what will happen during Sunday’s health care reform vote.  According to The New York Times article “Democrats Woo Abortion Foes in Push for Health Bill” by David Herszenhorn and Robert Pear, Democrats seem to be scrambling to get enough votes to pass this historic health care reform.  If you compare health insurance reform ideas from past Presidents, President Obama says that all of them were trying to fix this broken system.  The Democrats in opposition of abortion support the bill with inclusions banning federal government money from covering the cost of abortions.

There is also a dispute over the rates of Medicare payments between legislators in different states.  The original proposal in the bill was taken out to make it more desirable to opposing legislators, but some Democrats want the wording put back.  Representatives from states like Oregon disagree with other states getting much higher percentages of Medicare reimbursement.  They argued that procedures don’t cost three times as much in Miami as they do somewhere like Portland.  Many Americans and Republicans worry that the health care reform on the table will put smaller insurance companies like Aultcare health insurance out of business as they can no longer afford to operate.  Political lines have been drawn over the $940 billion health care bill and it remains to be seen whether the bill will pass and if so, what the outcome will be.

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