Coming Soon: Compare Health Insurance Pools

861559957_1d2a7ccdd0_mStates need to decide whether or not they are going to participate in President Obama’s new high-risk health care pools, according to the Chicago Sun-Times article “High-risk health insurance pools set to begin in June.”  Monifa Thomas’ article explains that not all states will even participate, but they have to make their decision within 90 days of the health bill signing on March 23.  Compare health insurance in some states and you find that these high-risk insurance pools already exist in 35 states, although some of their rules will surely change.  These high-risk insurance pools are for people who can’t get other, affordable insurance coverage because of pre-existing conditions.  They are temporary until 2014, when insurance exchanges where consumers can shop for heath insurance will replace the pools.

While federal health officials are unsure how much premiums will cost in these new pools or how many people will now have coverage that didn’t, they are confident that the pools will help many of the uninsured.  Consumers will only have to pay premiums that are 35% of the program cost, compared to Illinois’ current program where consumers pay 2/3 of the cost in premiums.  For six months, certain pre-existing conditions cannot be excluded from coverage.  Most states that already have high-risk pools in place will most likely transition those consumers into the new federal high-risk pools, although that will take time.  Whether you have an easier time getting affordable coverage from companies like Fallon Health Plans or state run high-risk insurance pools, the general idea of the health care reform is for more Americans to be insured.  States opting out of running their own pools will have the Department of Health and Human Services run one for them.

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