Doctors Get Pay for Performance: Will UPMC Health Insurance Be Next On Board?

philadelphiaThere’s an interesting concept coming out of Philadelphia where doctors are being rewarded for helping to improve your health.  In “Philadelphia Insurer To Implement Pay-for-Performance Model” from The Philadelphia Inquirer, the plan is detailed.  Independence Blue Cross is Philadelphia’s biggest health insurer.   Their newest program is a pay-for-performance model where doctors will get paid more as their patients’ health improves.  They want to reward those primary care physicians who are offering higher quality care at a lower cost.  These are the doctors who use “patient-centered medical homes” which give patients better access, follow guidelines for treatment, educate people to manage their own health, and easily prescribe needed medications.

With Philadelphia’s largest health insurer implementing this new plan, maybe other Pennsylvania insurers like UPMC health insurance will follow with similar programs.  Doctors are happy with this new plan because their primary and preventative medical care will be strengthened as will the way they finance it.  Many doctors are worried that the increased administrative burden will be high though and they hope the plan will help to pay for that.  According to Independence, patients’ health has already improved.  The diabetics seeing doctors in the program improved their blood sugar levels and even their blood pressure by nearly twenty-five percent.

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