High-Risk Pools: Compare Health Insurance Options

All 50 states had to decide by April 30 whether they would run their own high-risk health insurance pools or have the government run them.  Florida has opted out of running their own high-risk pools, according to “Crist wants federal government to run high-risk health insurance pool,” by Fred Tasker of The Miami Herald. The Obama administration’s health care reform created these high-risk pools to compare health insurance options for those who cannot get insurance in the private market.  Americans with preexisting conditions such as cancer or diabetes will now be able to obtain health insurance from these high-risk pools, whether run by individual states or the federal government.

The Department of Health and Human Services will be in charge of all of the government run programs.  With 29 states opting to run their own high-risk health insurance pools, they’ll use a one-time government subsidy to help establish the programs.  Although Florida will receive $5 million of the total $351 million subsidy, Governor Crist says that he cannot commit any of Florida’s own resources to run this temporary high-risk pool.  Companies like Aultcare health insurance will work hard with their individual consumers to offer health insurance to everyone they can.  Those who still don’t qualify can look to the government pools.  Of course, politics seems to be working its way into which states opt to run their own programs and which do not.  Regardless of what the states decided, more Americans with preexisting conditions will be able to obtain health coverage.

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