Travel Health Insurance Essential: Golden Rule Insurance

airplaneThere probably aren’t that many travelers who worry about medical evacuation insurance.  You should, according to “Experts Say Travel Health Insurance Can Be Crucial,” by Lindsay Tanner of the Associated Press.  Most health insurance policies do not include transportation home for critically ill patients requiring medical equipment and staff.  And while most people think that they will never need those services, accidents happen.  Car crashes and heart attacks are the main injuries sustained on vacation and those can happen to just about anyone.  If you have Golden Rule Insurance or medical coverage from another insurer, you should inquire about their coverage in advance.  If it is not under your plan, you can usually purchase supplemental insurance just for traveling.

It is also possible to get a stand-alone policy from an insurer like Assurant Health that will only cover you when you are traveling.  With the busy summer travel season fast approaching, no one wants to come home with hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills or worse yet, not come home at all.  The cost for most supplemental plans is around 4 to 8 percent of the cost of your trip.  A vacation costing $2000 would make for about $120 in supplemental travel insurance.  Those who have needed the services say that it is well worth the cost.  The State Department has information on where you can obtain travel insurance and what type you may want to get, including medical evacuation insurance.

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