Mercy Health Plans for Aging Teeth

teethAccording to The Vancouver Sun, “Baby boomers have unique dental problems.”  The article, by Julie Beun of Canwest News Service, highlights the increased problems with exposed gums, tooth root cavities, and tooth sensitivity as we age.  It’s important to look to Mercy Health Plans or another health insurer to ensure that you have dental insurance as you age.  While taking care of your teeth at a young age may be the best defense, having dental insurance so that you can see the dentist regularly and fix any problems is crucial.

As the life expectancy increases in most countries, so too do the amount of health and dental problems that people haven’t had to worry much about.  The longer you have your teeth and use them, the more susceptible you are to dry mouth, exposed gums, tooth root cavities, and sensitivity.  Through improved home and office dental care and orthodontics people are able to maintain great teeth.  It is the gums, however, that are not aging as well.

Many problems are caused by vigorous brushing that pushes the gums up, exposing the tooth root.  Improper diet and grinding lead to tooth and gum problems as well.  The best way to prevent a lot of these problems is by using a soft or extra-soft toothbrush at home.  Dentists can use coatings, bonding, desensitizers, root canals and other procedures to help with more advanced problems.  The use of flouride through water, toothpastes, and mouthwashes is very helpful as well.  Listerine Total Care for Sensitive Teeth was developed specifically for aging teeth.

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