Pet Insurance From Aultcare?

dogMore and more Americans are looking for health insurance to cover their pets, according to an article highlighted in USA Today.  Megan Neighbors’ “Popularity rises for pet health insurance,” from The Arizona Republic, says that vet bills have increased along with all medical costs and pets become more humanized each year.  Companies like Aultcare could stand to gain a lot by adding the millions of pets in the United States to insurance plans.  Even as we spend less on ourselves, we seem to be spending more on our pets including health insurance and discount plans from vets.  Only 3% of dogs and 1% of cats were insured in 2008, but that number is expected to rise as owners increase the limits they are willing to go to save or help their pets.

While inflation for most services has increased 28.1% since 2000, veterinary expenses have inflated by 80.4% in the same time frame.  Vets say that their costs have increased, as has the amount they need to spend to advance technologically.  With such increasing costs to care for your pets, looking for pet insurance from a specific pet insurer is becoming a wise way to spend your money.  While most traditional insurance companies do not yet offer pet insurance, it is quite possible that they soon will.  Pet specific insurance plans can vary just as much as human plans, and can range in price from $10 to $100 a month with varying deductibles and lifetime maximums.  There are also discount plans available to help cover preventative care like vaccinations.

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