9/23/10: Compare Health Insurance Reform for Students

collegeAs of today, college students and their parents have a lot to look forward to regarding the health insurance changes going into effect.  Health Insurance Sort published a news article regarding the changes entitled “What health care reform means for students.” Students will compare health insurance costs since they can now stay on their parents’ insurance plans until the age of 26.  Many students have gone without health insurance after being kicked off of their parents’ plans at age 23.  This new health care reform is part of President Obama’s Health Care Reform Bill of 2010.

Health Insurance Sort’s article clears up misconceptions with the law and explains to college students and their parents how they will be affected now that this provision has taken effect.  Some insurance companies opted to follow the new law as soon as it was passed rather than waiting until today’s deadline.  As of today, everyone from Fallon Health Insurance to Mercy Health Plans will be covering college students longer.  You will learn about how students’ privacy will be protected, what happens when a student goes to college out of the service area, if employer-sponsored plans will see an increase in premium cost, who may not be eligible, and when purchasing a basic plan from the college may be more beneficial from this article.

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