Aultcare Says No Working While Sick

sickEven doctors are guilty of going into work when they are sick, according to the Associated Press’ article “Working while sick? Study finds even doctors do it.”  Lindsey Tanner’s article highlights a survey that will be published in the American Medical Association’s Journal on Wednesday of 537 medical residents at 12 hospitals in the United States.  Insurance companies like Aultcare aren’t big fans of people going into work sick because of the likelihood that they will infect others with their illness.  Of those responding to the study, 58% said they had gone into work sick once before and 31% had gone in sick more than once is the past year.

The pressure on medical residents is high and the programs are competitive, so calling off sick is often frowned upon.  As residents work 80 hour weeks and 24 hours straight in the hospital, their chances of getting sick can be greatly increased.  They usually are not seeing doctors when they are sick, which can worry insurers like Assurant Health.  Presumed self-diagnosis means that illnesses can be wrongly diagnosed and more easily spread to patients and other hospital workers.  A push for flu vaccinations by many organizations will hopefully help avoid an outbreak and spread this flu season.  Even though you may feel obstacles to calling off sick from work, reducing exposure to others is in the best interest of the greater good.

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