Free Health Screenings from Aultcare Health Insurance

Seniors near Canton, Ohio have a lot to look forward to on September 29.  Not only can they get into Canton’s Pro Football Hall of Fame free that day from 7am-5pm, they can also get free health screenings.  The screenings are being offered by the Aultman Health Foundation, according to the company’s news release “Aultman Offers Free Health Screenings for Senior Day at Pro Football Hall of Fame.”  Aultcare health insurance is the insurer run by Aultman hospital and will be working with seniors 55 and over at the end of this month to provide the free screenings.

From 7am to 2pm there will be booths with information on senior care and general health screenings for cholesterol, blood sugar, triglycerides, blood pressure, diabetes risk, breast cancer risk, body fat analysis, cardiac risk, and even more.  Seniors do not need to make an appointment, but are requested to fast for at least 12 hours before the testing to provide optimal results.  There will also be a health fair set up by different Aultman departments with tips and education on everything from grieving to fitness to sleep apnea.

There will be a series of speakers in the Hall of Fame’s Plaza Tent that talk about certain needs related to joint health, home safety, diabetes, and heart health.  There will be radio personalities and special events at the Hall of Fame as well.  Each senior will get extra Hall of Fame discounts, a 2010 yearbook, a souvenir from Aultman, and complimentary drinks and snacks.

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