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New High-Tech Health Forum From Harvard

Friday, November 26th, 2010

voteEarlier this month, a new Harvard Institution discussed the impact that the recent elections will have on health care reform in the U.S.  According to “Elections Effects On Health Care Reform: New Harvard Public Health Forum Webcast” by Carey Goldberg of Boston’s NPR, the webcast was a soft launch for Harvard’s new exchange called “The Forum at Harvard School of Public Health.”  Director Robin Herman says that the Forum plans to use its high-tech broadcast center to discuss the popular goings on in public health.  Through webcasts and video conferences in their main building and some on-demand video conferences live around the area, the Forum plans to discuss the  most compelling health issues today.

You can access the webcast related to the 2010 election’s effect on President Obama’s health care reform as well as any future broadcasts online if you missed them.  The next broadcast is scheduled December 9 and will be their official launch.  They will discuss the global health goals of the UN and how to develop and implement a plan to achieve those goals.  Philanthropist Ted Turner and Dean Julio Frank will maintain the discussion.  Future forums may talk about anything from issues affecting health insurers like Assurant Health to global reform measures.  Any pertinent issue calling for decision making and discussion is fair game.