Costco Sells Aetna Health Insurance

Retail giant Costco sells health insurance through their Costco Insurance Agency, Inc.  They are now working with Aetna health insurance to offer five different plans to Costco members looking for individual health insurance.  They are offered through Aetna Life Insurance Company and are specially priced for Costco members.  Those who sign up for the health insurance plans will have access to all of Aetna’s doctors and hospitals as well as preventative care coverage with the deductible waived.

There are many different features when you compare health insurance through Costco.  The premium prices have received special treatment solely for Costco members and co-pays are lower when members use Costco’s retail pharmacies.  There is no deductible for preventative care and the nationwide network of Aetna doctors and hospitals is available to Costco insurance members.  A free, round the clock nurse line is available, as well as online access to health records and other information.  For an added cost, members can even get dental care benefits.

Costco is currently offering their health insurance plans in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Texas with plans to eventually be nationwide.  Executive members of Costco receive added assistance with Health Advocate, a service that helps members understand different coverage options and answers member questions.  For more information, Costco members can call a toll free number or use an online service available through the company website.

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2 Responses to “Costco Sells Aetna Health Insurance”

  1. Eric says:

    Am I missing something? When I compared similar plans between the Costco/Aetna program and directly though the Aetna website (and – it actually appears that the Costco plan is NOT as good, for one thing the \"Annual Out-of-pocket\" limits are higher, and the co-pay for other services (i.e., ER, etc.) are MORE (30% Costco vs. 20% direct). Go to both websites and tell me if I am wrong — so far I can see no advantage to the Costco program.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for your comment Eric. Looks like you would be better off purchasing directly through Aetna if that is the case! I wonder if people that may not normally be approved through Aetna would get approved through Costco? Either way, contact one of our experts if you have any questions~

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