Democrats vs. Republicans: What Changes Will UPMC Health Insurance & Others Have to Make?

In light of this month’s elections that increased the Republican strength in the Senate and saw them take over the House, there may be some tweaking of the health care bill.  In “Sen. Reid says willing to tweak healthcare law” from numerous  contributors on Reuters, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid stresses that the tweaking will not ‘denigrate’ the health care law and that he intends to extend tax cuts to the middle class that were put in place by President George W. Bush.  He will not push to extend the tax cuts to the wealthy, however.  Due to strong opposition from Republicans, Reid and other Democrats will compare health insurance changes enacted by the reform and update the bill with Democrats and Republicans working together.

Reid stressed that they do not plan to undo the changes made that will help protect Americans from the insurance industry that he and others believe was bankrupting them.  While Republicans in the House want the entire bill to be repealed, Reid hopes that they instead will work in a partisan way to satisfy both sides.  He also stressed that he had hoped Republicans would work with the Democrats while drafting the bill instead of fighting against it.  Insurers like UPMC health insurance await the results of these talks to see what health care reform changes they will ultimately be making.

Tax cuts from President Bush will expire on January 1 of next year, so Democrats also have to figure out who will get an extension on those tax cuts.  The majority of Democrats want to extend the cuts to families with an income below $250,000 and individuals with an income below $200,000, but Republicans and a small segment of Democrats want to maintain tax cuts for everyone.  While working together seems to be the ideal solution to any problem, that is easier said than done for Democrats and Republicans.

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