New Sleep Apnea Treatments: Compare Health Insurance

Sleep apnea treatments have just made a huge advance, according to “First Sleep Apnea Therapy System Designed for Outdoor Sporting Lifestyle Available Soon; Makes Evolutionary Jump Over Traditional CPAP Machines.”  The press release from Elise Schadauer of Somnetics describes the new sleep apnea therapy system called Transcend.  The system was designed for those who camp and travel often, but still suffer from the sleep apnea that millions of Americans face.  Transcend will be available soon for consumers and is lightweight, durable and compact according to the press release.

CPAP machines have never really been transportable for many reasons.  They are large, require constant power, and use distilled water.  If you are an outdoor enthusiast looking to sleep in a tent or cabin, a traditional CPAP machine will not work for you.  Transcend’s unique design will allow those suffering from sleep apnea to sleep outdoors in a tent, boat, cabin or just out under the stars.  Not only will consumers sleep, they will get the well rested sleep they desire when using a sleep apnea machine.  Consumers will have to compare health insurance companies to see who will pay for this new technology to help treat their sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea effects close to 20 million Americans.  The soft tissue of the throat closes during sleep and causes you to stop breathing briefly.  It not only makes for a very unrestful night of sleep, but has shown its sufferers to also have high blood pressure, memory problems, heart problems, and headaches.  The majority of those with sleep apnea are overweight, middle-aged men but anyone can suffer from sleep apnea.  The problem is also associated with snoring in about half of the cases.  Aultcare and other insurance companies may cover the cost of CPAP machines, Transcend and other sleep apnea treatments, but you have to check with them first to make sure.

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