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Go Blue Florida Health Insurance

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida offers a discount plan for individuals under the age of 65 called Go Blue Florida.  The plan is geared towards individuals who work and have household income between $25,000 and $50,000 or individuals who retired young.  It is a discount plan that can cost anywhere from $18 to $59 a month per person.  The plan also offers complementary coverage to people currently carrying only catastrophic health coverage.  Because the plans are not medically underwritten, indemnity-type payments are paid toward doctor visits, lab work, basic dental care and prescriptions.  Go Blue will pay up to $50 per visit for services and the member is responsible for the rest of the allowed amount.

When you compare health insurance from Go Blue Florida, your insurance card will get you discounts on basic and preventative care.  You will want to see NetworkBlue providers in order to get the best value out of your plan.  Since you can only get billed for the allowed amount, having Go Blue coverage will save you a lot of money compared to being uninsured.  Plan 90 and Plan 91 are the two choices of Go Blue Florida plans.  Since the coverage is not comprehensive, maternity care, hospitalization, emergency room visits, substance abuse or mental health care and therapy for rehabilitation are not covered.  Look into Go Blue insurance for yourself if you need a discount plan in Florida.

Compare Health Insurance Quotes in Minnesota

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

There are more people than ever looking for individual health insurance and this will only increase as more health insurance reform changes take effect.  According to Blue Cross Blue Shield’s news release “Blue Cross And Blue Shield Of Minnesota Launches New Individual Products,” Minnesotans can now compare health insurance quotes from Blue Cross Blue Shield with many added choices.  The new options are available only for individual and family coverage.  After polling consumers, the plans were developed with their needs for lower cost coverage with good benefits and choices.

GoBlue is their new plan, which is made especially for young adults who are looking for affordable health care coverage.  Blue Cross Blue Shield has also updated many of their already existing health care plans.  Discounts at health and fitness clubs are available through many plans now, something that consumers really asked for.  They have made the co-pays for doctor visits more affordable and increased the number of retail clinics that plan members can conveniently visit.

Some of the plan changes have been dictated by the new health care reform, such as 100% coverage on preventative care.  Consumers can choose their own deductible and co-pay amounts based on their plan.  The plans include InstaCare, Simply Blue, GoBlue, Options Blue and Personal Blue.  Some plans are available for anyone aged 19 to 64, while others are for all individuals and families.  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota’s InstaCare plan is short term coverage available for 1, 2, or 3 month periods.

AskBlue Discusses Health Insurance Rates Based on Reform

Friday, January 14th, 2011

According to company news release “BCBSA Introduces AskBlue Healthcare Reform,” Blue Cross Blue Shield Association now has an online tool to help customers understand health care reform.  The tool, called AskBlue Healthcare Reform, is available for use by both individuals and employers.  The interactive tool is meant to help BCBSA’s customers understand how the health care laws will effect their plans and what options they have.

After consumers answer a few questions on the website, they receive personalized information regarding the health care reform.  The simple program tells consumers how the reform changes will personally effect them and their insurance plans.  They can see how health insurance rates may change and compare their plans before and after health care reform.  There is also access to further information on government websites for those interested.

Business information is available as well, including a calculator to see if businesses will qualify for a tax credit related to their health care expenses.  Businesses can also learn how health care reform will impact them financially in other ways.  You don’t even have to be a BCBSA customer to access their AskBlue services.  In addition to the AskBlue Healthcare Reform, BCBSA offers AskBlue, which gives information to uninsured consumers, AskBlue En Espanol, and AskBlue Medicare.

Humana to Sell More Than Health Insurance

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Humana, Inc. is now selling their customers more than health insurance through a partnership with Lincoln Financial Group.  According to “Humana Inc. Forms Partnership with Lincoln Financial,” Henry Steelman of Annuity News Journal announces that the health insurance company will now offer customers long term care insurance and fixed indexed annuities.  Pennsylvania-based Lincoln Financial and Kentucky-based Humana both have much to gain from the partnership.  Humana is now able to offer their customers the whole package to plan for their financial future and Lincoln’s products will now be introduced to a wider range of consumers who may never have seen a financial planner.

Long term care insurance is more important than ever as people live longer and the cost of long term care increases dramatically year to year.  Fixed indexed annuities are popular investments that combine benefits from annuities and CDs to help consumers cover basic living expenses over their entire lifetime.  Those who compare health insurance from Humana will not only be able to cover their health insurance expenses, but will also be able to protect against other large costs in retirement.  The MoneyGuard long term care insurance from Lincoln Financial is a popular product and is what Humana will be offering to its customers.  There will be 2000 Humana agents selling Lincoln Financial’s products to their customers.  Both companies hope to increase the availability of retirement products to consumers.