AskBlue Discusses Health Insurance Rates Based on Reform

According to company news release “BCBSA Introduces AskBlue Healthcare Reform,” Blue Cross Blue Shield Association now has an online tool to help customers understand health care reform.  The tool, called AskBlue Healthcare Reform, is available for use by both individuals and employers.  The interactive tool is meant to help BCBSA’s customers understand how the health care laws will effect their plans and what options they have.

After consumers answer a few questions on the website, they receive personalized information regarding the health care reform.  The simple program tells consumers how the reform changes will personally effect them and their insurance plans.  They can see how health insurance rates may change and compare their plans before and after health care reform.  There is also access to further information on government websites for those interested.

Business information is available as well, including a calculator to see if businesses will qualify for a tax credit related to their health care expenses.  Businesses can also learn how health care reform will impact them financially in other ways.  You don’t even have to be a BCBSA customer to access their AskBlue services.  In addition to the AskBlue Healthcare Reform, BCBSA offers AskBlue, which gives information to uninsured consumers, AskBlue En Espanol, and AskBlue Medicare.

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