Compare Health Insurance Quotes After Waiver

map of united statesIndividual states may be able to file a waiver against the federal government’s health care reform changes as early as 2014, the year that they will all be in effect.  The Christian Science Monitor article “Health insurance waiver: bipartisan proposal attempts to move up date” by John Whitesides says that the current law allows states to file a waiver in 2017.  Republican Senator Scott Brown and Democratic Senator Ron Wyden are working together on legislation that would allow states to file a waiver in 2014 since that is when the individual mandate and other aspects of the health care reform act of 2010 will take effect.

The waiver, if approved, will allow states to make their own health care policies rather than complying with the federal guidelines.  States can apply for exemptions from the individual mandate, the employer penalty that will be issued if they don’t offer insurance coverage, and some of the other main federal requirements.  When you compare health insurance quotes and the coverage that state residents will be offered though, states will have to prove that their alternatives to the federal requirements are both affordable and effective.

Since they don’t agree that all states need the same health care guidelines, the Senators hope that the government will see that one size does not fit all when it comes to health insurance for Americans.  Senator Brown’s home state of Massachusetts already has a comprehensive health care plan that they hope to maintain after filing a waiver against some of the federal requirements.  In Oregon, Senator Wyden’s home state, alternative health care programs are already offered as well.  The Senators are concerned that if states are not able to file a waiver until 2017, some of the successful health insurance options they offer will have to be cut between 2014 and 2017 to meet federal requirements.

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