Health Insurance Rates & Voided Reform

According to a Reuters article “Health Care Law Declared Void by Florida Judge” on CNBC, a U.S. Judge in Florida has just declared President Obama’s healthcare changes unconstitutional.  Judge Roger Vinson is the second judge to say that the individual mandate is unconstitutional.  He believes that the President went too far by requiring Americans to carry health insurance by 2014 or pay a penalty fine for not doing so.  Health insurance rates were expected to change after this individual mandate took effect.  It remains to be seen what will happen to both health insurance rates and the healthcare reform bill overall with Judges ruling against it.

The Governors and Attorneys General in 26 states agree with the fact that this individual mandate is unconstitutional.  It will most likely be taken to the U.S. Supreme Court now since these political figures believe the whole act should be declared null and void.  Keep in mind that nearly everyone in the group against this reform is a Republican, so the party lines have been drawn.  Since the plaintiffs in this Florida case represent over half of the states in the U.S., it actually may have more bearing than cases filed in federal courts.  There have been more than twenty of those.

Healthcare reform in this Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has the goals of lowering healthcare costs while getting more Americans covered by health insurance.  The current administration is adamant that the reform is constitutional and will be upheld.  Two other federal judges have already upheld the individual mandate in cases they have seen, so not everyone agrees that the individual mandate is wrong.  While a judge in Virginia did recently rule against the individual mandate, he did not go as far as Florida’s Vinson in saying that the entire healthcare reform act needs to be thrown out.  Aultcare health insurance and other carriers are watching closely to see what will come of the House’s decision to repeal the healthcare act.  It will likely go no further since the Democratic Senate will probably just drop it, but the individual mandate is crucial to the plan and debates are likely to continue for a long time.

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