Health Insurance Rates for Pre-existing Conditions

It used to be next to impossible to anyone with pre-existing health conditions to find health insurance.  Since it will be mandatory in 2014 for insurance companies to offer health care coverage to Americans with pre-existing conditions, many companies are offering “bridge” coverage that allows people to get insurance now.  Some states are running their own programs, while others are letting the government run theirs for them.  P.C.I.P.’s, or Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plans, are different from high-risk health insurance pools run by the states and federal government.  With more than one option, those with pre-existing conditions are able to compare health insurance costs from multiple places and look for better deals.

Most P.C.I.P.’s offer lower costs than the high risk health insurance pools.  The article highlighted the story of a man who lost his health insurance but had $2,000 a month in medication he needed for a kidney transplant six years ago.  He was denied coverage by multiple insurance companies in Michigan because of his pre-existing condition, but was able to find insurance through the state’s P.C.I.P.  His health insurance rates are actually less now than they were with his previous insurance plan.

The plans come in three different forms and vary between the states and the federal government.  You can get a standard coverage plan, an extended coverage plan with higher premiums but a lower deductible, or a high deductible plan with a health savings account.  One of the limitations to these plans is that you have to be uninsured for at least six months to qualify, even if your health insurance rates would be much lower with a P.C.I.P.  Federal plans also require proof that you were denied coverage from an individual health insurer such as Aultcare before you qualify.  States have different requirements, but most accept a letter from a doctor saying that you do in fact have a pre-existing condition.  As with any plans, do your research and compare details to make sure that this is the best insurance for you.

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