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Nebraska Officials Compare Health Insurance Exchanges

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Nebraska’s Insurance Director is waiting to see what happens in the federal government before creating a state run health insurance exchange.  Bruce Ramge not only wants to determine the state costs of a federal plan, he also wants to see if the health insurance law changes will be upheld in the Supreme Court.  He has to compare health insurance exchanges run by his state and run by the government to see what will be in the best interest of Nebraskans.  This information comes from the AP article, “Neb. insurance head needs data on exchange cost,” by Grant Shulte.

It could take until June for the Supreme Court to make a decision on whether the health care laws are constitutional or not, and some Nebraska lawmakers worry that waiting until then will put the state way behind on their planning.  Each state will have the options of running a state, regional, or federal exchange along with the option of having an exchange run by the federal government.  The latter is a state and federal partnership where each party handles different tasks related to the exchange.

So far 16 states have begun the legislation to create health insurance exchanges.  Most are just in the beginning stages because the government has not released its minimum coverage regulations.  If the state creates minimum coverage that is “better” than the federal guidelines, they will have to cover the cost between the federal subsidy and the care they have mandated.  While it could be springtime before the minimums are set, a basic exchange can still be created at the state level.  State exchanges will allow Americans to compare health insurance in one easy location and will offer tax credits based on income to help fund the premiums.  Follow Nebraska’s policy decisions on their government website.