Mandatory Contraceptive Coverage from Aultcare Health Insurance

Certain groups are fighting President Obama’s standards mandating health insurance companies to cover contraceptives without charging a deductible or a co-payment.  In a New York Times editorial, “A New Battle Over Contraception,” the writer is against those who are fighting to eliminate or weaken the mandate.  Some members of the Catholic Church and some Republicans are fighting the fact that companies like Aultcare health insurance will be forced to cover contraceptives.

All churches and other religious places are already released from this mandate, so the author questions why groups like the Catholic Church are fighting this mandate for others.  Leaders of the church want to add employees of Catholic hospitals, charities, and schools from elementary through college to the list of exemptions.  There are people who disagree with contraceptive use that want to extend exemptions to any employer who says that contraceptives are against their beliefs.  The problem with this is that all of the employees working for Catholic hospitals, charities, schools, and companies with an employer against contraceptives don’t necessarily hold the same beliefs.

The group Catholics for Choice says that nearly all Catholic women who are sexually active have used some form of contraception that is banned by the church.  President Obama based this mandate partly on the National Academy of Science’s Institute of Medicine’s recommendation.  They found that mandating all health insurance companies, like Tonik health insurance for young, healthy individuals, to cover contraceptives could help to lower the rate of unwanted/unplanned pregnancy and abortions.  This battle will rage on as both sides fight for what they believe.

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