No More Elective C-Sections

Elective c-sections and inductions have become increasingly popular over the last few decades.  Women who were uncomfortable, wanted their baby born on a certain day for a tax break or a special number, or hoped to be home from the hospital by a holiday or special event were scheduling to have their babies earlier than full term.  There are definitely medically necessary early c-sections and inductions performed, and that will not change.  But those women hoping to have their babies early for the convenience factor are going to find it harder to get an elective c-section or induction.  This is according to Lylah Alphonse’s Parenting article posted on Yahoo! Shine, “More Hospitals Banning Elective C Sections.”

Massachusetts’ top hospitals have banned elective c-sections and inductions before 39 weeks gestation.  Hospitals in New York, California, Oregon, Texas, Arizona, and Illinois have also started banning these elective procedures.  Compare health insurance companies’ reactions and this is good news for them.  Statistics show that 39 to 40 weeks of gestation yields the healthiest babies with the lowest rate of complications.  The brain, lungs, and gastric system of babies are all developing rapidly in the last few weeks of pregnancy.  Since babies born before 39 weeks have greater chances of complications, it just doesn’t make sense to perform elective c-sections or inductions earlier than 39 weeks for a trivial reason.  Obviously there are circumstances where the mother or baby’s health is in danger and those babies need to be delivered prior to 39 weeks, but that is not considered an elective procedure.

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