Baby Dies From Cronobacter Infection: Formula?

Parents everywhere are wondering if it is possible that an infant’s formula actually killed the baby.  After purchasing Enfamil at a Walmart in Missouri, the infant’s parents fear that feeding the baby that very formula killed it.  The infant died from cronobacter sakazakii infection, which has previously been linked to powdered baby formula.  This wouldn’t be the first time that an infant was killed after contracting cronobacter from powdered formula.  This information comes from Daniel J. DeNoon’s WebMD article, “Infant Formula Investigated in Baby Death.”

While that particular lot has been pulled from store shelves at Walmart, it hasn’t been recalled so it is still available for purchase elsewhere.  A spokesman for Enfamil says that each and every batch is tested for cronobacter before it goes out the door.  The company is looking at records from the manufacturer’s batch and date to ensure that it was indeed tested for cronobacter before it left.  Enfamil’s maker, Mead Johnson, does not expect a widespread recall because they are confident that the cronobacter did not come from their formula.  While cronobacter is very rare, it is fatal anywhere from 50-80% of the time so it is a horrible infection.  See all of the latest health care and health insurance information here.

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