Unexpected Health Benefits of Coffee

Most of us love our morning, or afternoon, or evening cup of coffee.  Lucky for us, Woman’s Day has given us “7 Surprising Health Facts About Coffee.”  Amanda Greene Kelly writes that these benefits and facts are sometimes unexpected and always interesting.  Women who drink coffee have 20% fewer cases of depression than those who do not.  And the more coffee consumed, the less likely those studied were to suffer from depression.  Coffee can also help you keep your weight in check.  Sipping on caffeine after a meal causes your body to process the food more slowly and could be a small help in keeping a healthy weight.

Regardless of the amount taken in, caffeine has also been shown to increase fertility in males because it helps with sperm motility.  The least deadly form of skin cancer was reduced by drinking caffeine.  Basal cell carcinoma risk was 20% less for women and 9% less for men who drank caffeine.  While coffee can increase the pain you feel from heartburn, it is unlikely to cause other stomach problems like ulcers and increased pains.  You might have some fatigue or irritability without your daily coffee, but that will go away within a few days because coffee is not truly addictive like drugs.

A random coffee fact is that your coffee maker is one of the germiest places in your house.  Practically no one cleans it, so make sure to follow your instructions and clean your coffee maker once a month or so.

While the article is not suggesting that you only drink coffee to protect against skin cancer or keep your weight in check, it’s kind of nice to know some positive side effects from your morning cup of joe.  If you have taken on any healthier living habits, compare health insurance quotes and see if you can lower your premiums.

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