Drink Coffee to Prevent Diabetes

The Los Angeles Times published an article by Marni Jameson of The Orlando Sentinel about coffee preventing Type 2 Diabetes.  In “Coffee helps prevent diabetes, now scientists learn why,” the author says that scientists believe they have figured out why coffee helps prevent diabetes.  It is not new information that those who drink four cups of coffee a day lower their diabetes risk, but this is the first time that scientists think they have figured out why.

The substance hIAPP, human islet amyloid polypeptide, is linked to diabetes.  This new research out of China shows that coffee inhibits the substance hIAPP.  The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry published the Chinese researchers’ study.  Many scientists have been trying to find a way to block hIAPP and this research found that the caffeine and caffeic acid in coffee significantly block hIAPP.  The pancreas of a diabetic has very high levels of that substance.

While it may be a stretch to suggest that health insurance companies will start recommending coffee drinking to their plan participants, they sure aren’t likely to deter them.  Four cups of coffee per day lowers the risk of Type 2 diabetes by 50%.  With each added cup of coffee per day, your risk is lowered by another 7%.  Since 95% of the cases of diabetes are Type 2, this is important research for everyone.  Paula Deen’s recent announcement that she is a Type 2 diabetic has the disease as a top headline in the news right now.  Eating healthy and exercising are great preventative measures, and it looks like we can add coffee to that list as well.

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