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Health Insurance Reform Debate Surges On

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

As was expected by Democrats and the Supreme Court, Republicans are still fighting against the Affordable Care Act, even after it was upheld as being constitutional.  According to Fox News’ “House GOP poised to hold vote on repeal of ObamaCare after Supreme Court ruling,” Cristina Marcos says that there should be a vote today about repealing the Affordable Care Act.  This is the 31st time that Republicans have held a vote hoping to repeal all or some portion of President Obama’s health care reform.  This is the 2nd time Republicans have tried to repeal the entire law; the other 29 votes since 2011 have been against specific parts of the reform.  Since the Senate is controlled by Democrats and President Obama certainly won’t sign any repeal of his health insurance, is this a good use of government time?

While Democrats are accusing Republicans of wasting time fighting this same fight over and over, Republicans argue that just because the Supreme Court said the Affordable Care Act was constitutional doesn’t mean that it is good for Americans.  Republicans say they will continue to fight against health care reform with which they disagree.  Five hours of floor debate was allotted for this discussion by the House Rules Committee on Monday.  The lawmakers used four and a half hours of their discussion on Tuesday and finished the rest today.  Republicans say that they will continue fighting against what is sometimes known as ObamaCare until they have the majority.  Democrats think that the time allotted for arguing over this same debate would be better spent talking about jobs or other important issues working right now because they are happy with the Affordable Care Act.