Medicare Health Insurance Debate at Political Forefront

It looks like health care is going to remain a popular debate throughout this election in November.  Specifically, Medicare is on the minds of both President Obama’s campaign as well as that of Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan.  The political fighting went from a strong focus on jobs and the economy over to Medicare this week after the announcement of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s running mate.  In the Associated Press article “Medicare barbs dominate White House race,” Jim Kuhnhenn and Philip Elliott discuss how both sides are threatening that the other will take away senior citizens’ health care security.

President Obama was on a campaign stop in New Hampshire yesterday and said that Mitt Romney would definitely break apart the Medicare system.  Offering health insurance to seniors, Medicare is a very popular government program, but is expensive to fund even with the contributions made by workers throughout their careers.  Paul Ryan is known for his budgeting and plans to get rid of the deficit, so after he became Romney’s running mate this week there has been concern over what will become of the costly Medicare health program.  Mitt Romney is also on the campaign trail and is working to assure Americans that he would not get rid of this popular program upon which many seniors depend.

Campaigning with his mom at the largest retirement community in the world this weekend, Paul Ryan accused President Obama of using Medicare funds to pay for his Affordable Care Act health care reform.  With Ryan’s proposed Medicare changes, the government would use vouchers to encourage retirees to use individual health insurance plans rather than Medicare.  Traditional Medicare would still be around, but money would be saved if the government could convince fewer seniors to use it.  Critics, like President Obama, say that the costs would just be shifted to individuals and that would put more people in a financial pinch.  Both sides will continue to battle over Medicare health costs and all the other issues through November.  We’ll keep you updated with the health insurance information here.

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