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Fewer Employers Offering Health Insurance in Florida

Saturday, April 13th, 2013

Consider yourself lucky if you still have health insurance covered by your employer.  The number of Americans with that luxury is declining fast, especially for those who work for small companies.  Florida’s Sun Sentinel just published an article about how their state compares to the national average based on a report from the State Health Access Data Assistance Center.  Maria Mallory White’s “Study: Company-paid health insurance more rare” says that Florida is below the national average when it comes to the number of people with employer-sponsored health insurance.  Compared to the national average where 52.4% of Americans have this employer coverage, only 44.1% of Florida’s companies are offering health insurance plans.  That ranks them at 45th in the nation.

This accounts for a 10% decline in both the coverage offered in Florida as well as the nation as a whole.  Losing health insurance benefits has been a steady process over a long period of time throughout the United States.  Those people losing the most ground were lower-wage workers and workers’ dependents.  The ten year study was done on workers under the age of 65 because those over 65 are eligible for Medicare insurance.  While the number of Florida residents under 65 decreased by almost 10%, the coverage for their dependents decreased by a whopping 25%.  The only state with a larger decline in dependent coverage was Mississippi.

Floridians with income below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines saw a 10.4% decline in their employer-sponsored health insurance coverage.  Those with income between 200% and 400% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines saw a 6.1% decline in their coverage option.  One of the largest factors in this decrease in employer health care coverage is the size of companies.  Small companies are less likely to offer health insurance coverage to their employees.  Some larger companies are downsizing and becoming small, while small companies that were offering health insurance no longer are because of increasing costs.  Florida companies with 50 or fewer employees offer health insurance 29% of the time.  This is lower than the national average for small companies, who offer health insurance 37% of the time.  If you have lost your employer-sponsored health insurance, you can find an affordable quote from Compare Health Rates.