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Humana Covers Missing 36 Counties in Mississippi

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

There is good news for those without health insurance in Mississippi.  Considering it is one of the fattest states in America, it’s scary that so many Mississippi residents don’t have health insurance.  Even more worrisome was the fact that 36 counties in the state almost didn’t have coverage available under the government’s Health Insurance Marketplace.  Luckily, that did not happen and all of the 82 counties in Mississippi will have health insurance plan choices available.  In the article, “Health insurance exchange will be offered in all 82 counties,” Jimmie E. Gates of The Clarion Ledger talks about the big changes that recently happened in Mississippi.  Mike Chaney, the state’s Insurance Commissioner, is pleased that all of the state’s residents will at least have access to health insurance in the federally run Health Insurance Marketplace.

Humana is to thank for this big turn of events in Mississippi.  As of last month, Humana planned to offer health insurance plans in four of the 82 counties in the state.  But in an amazing display of ethics, Humana made the decision to offer coverage in an additional 36 counties.  The Insurance Commissioner was concerned about all of the residents who wouldn’t be able to get coverage in this marketplace.  He says that Humana has demonstrated great corporate citizenship by extending its offerings to the other counties.  Humana is already covering 200,000 residents in Mississippi.  This is including individual insureds as well as employer plans, Medicare recipients, and military retirees and their families.  Magnolia Health Plans is also covering a good portion of the counties in Mississippi.