Did the President Know 15 Million Would Have Health Insurance Cancelled?

President Obama has been under a lot of scrutiny for 3.5 million Americans losing their health insurance coverage because of the Affordable Care Act.  He made a lot of promises about his health care reform that have not held true.  It’s unclear whether he knew that he was lying or he really believed what he was saying to be true at the time.  According to the Associated Press’ Julie Pace, President “Obama says he’s sorry Americans (are) losing insurance.”  He assures Americans that his administration is working hard to fix the problems caused by the Affordable Care Act.  There have been many technical problems with the website Americans are using to sign up for new health insurance plans through the exchanges.  President Obama admits that it is his job to make the plan better and to do something about all of the health insurance plan cancellations that have come since the reform went into law.  He is confident that all Americans who want health insurance coverage will be able to find it by the government deadline of March 31.

Republicans are frustrated with the President and are using the fact that Americans are losing health insurance to renew their fight against the Affordable Care Act.  But the White House says that the basic premise of the Affordable Care Act invalidates around 5% of current health insurance plans.  Without being grandfathered in, those plans who do not meet the mandatory coverage requirements can no longer be offered.  This means that 15 million Americans, or 5% of the 300 million, won’t be able to keep their health insurance plans.  But just because your current plan is being cancelled, it does not mean that your health insurance company won’t have other options for you.  Those plans with very limited coverage will no longer be available, so you can expect to pay more for your health insurance if you are getting better coverage.  If your current insurer is not offering you another plan, you can shop for coverage through the health insurance exchanges or find an individual health insurance quote through Compare Health Rates.

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