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Debt Ceiling Deal Hurts Medicare Health Insurance Rates

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

Doctors and hospitals are terrified that the government’s debt ceiling deal will negatively effect their ability to care for Medicare patients.  While the cuts won’t directly hurt the Medicare recipients, Medicare cuts will mean hospitals, doctors, nursing homes, and other Medicare providers will be paid less for the services they provide Medicare patients.  The CNN Money article “Health providers: Debt deal puts seniors at risk,” by Parija Kavilanz, explains how health insurance rates and payments will be effected by the debt ceiling deal reached this week.

Since the government will be cutting $2.1 trillion out of their budget over the next ten years, Medicare will be hit hard as one of the biggest government expenses.  The American Hospital Association represents 5,000 hospitals and facilities.  They think that Medicare should be exempt from these government cuts since more Americans rely on government healthcare when they get older and the cuts could make for crowded ERs and less access to the latest medical advances.  The president of the American Academy of Family Physicians worries that doctors would be forced to eliminate care to Medicare patients if their reimbursements were cut even further.  It remains to be seen how large the Medicare cuts will be.