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Aultcare: Is LeBron James’ Elbow or Ego to Blame?

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

As the Cleveland Cavaliers faced their worst playoff loss in franchise history, the disappointing performance from their star Lebron James has fans wondering if he really did injure his elbow or if his ego has already taken him out of Cleveland.  From sports blog Fear the Sword, we get the article “RUMOR: LeBron James Has Torn Elbow Ligament.”  They say that although it’s just a rumor, LeBron has a torn elbow ligament causing him tremendous pain.  Whether LeBron has health insurance from Aultcare of Ohio or another insurer, chances are they aren’t happy to have him playing professional basketball with such an injury.  The article also states that he received a shot before game 4 to numb the pain but was not able to get the same shot before game 5 because it can only be given every ten days.

That rumor being stated, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports seems to worry that LeBron’s ego has more to do with his poorer play than this elbow controversy.  In “LeBron’s moment of truth awaits,” he states that he simply doesn’t think this championship is important enough to James.  Since things in the NBA have come pretty easily to LeBron, the author doesn’t see the fire or maniacal desire needed to win championships.  He worries that LeBron is more concerned with his endorsements, his own companies, and his free agency status than winning in Cleveland.  Other playoff greats in the prime of their careers would have shouldered the burden for last night’s loss and that of winning the next two games.  LeBron, on the other hand, acted spoiled and selfish and brushed off his terrible performance as one of three bad games in his seven year career.  We’ll see if he pulls it together in a game 6 and a game 7 to save his legacy in Cleveland.

Tax Credit and Aultcare Make Health Insurance Coverage Easier

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

IRSIt can feel nearly impossible for small businesses to offer health coverage to their employees.  A special tax credit new in 2010 can help small businesses and tax-exempt organizations provide health insurance, according to “New for 2010 – Tax credit helps small employers provide health insurance coverage,” from The Gilmer Mirror out of Dallas.  The credit is included in the health care reform act, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  The credit aims to help small businesses obtain or maintain health insurance coverage from companies like Aultcare and is aimed towards those employers who pay at least half of their employee’s single coverage cost.  The IRS Commissioner urges small businesses and tax-exempt organizations to see if they qualify for this tax break because it is already in effect.

The current maximum credit is 35% of the premiums paid by small businesses in 2010 and 25% of the premiums paid by tax-exempt organizations that are eligible employers.  The maximum credits increase in 2014 to 50% for small businesses and 35% for tax-exempt employers.  The small and tax exempt employers can obtain coverage from Mercy Health Plans or any other insurance provider.  This credit targets small businesses and organizations employing workers with low to moderate income levels.  Typically they have to employ less than 25 full time equivalent workers earning less than $50,000 per year on average.  The maximum tax credits go to businesses employing fewer than 10 full time equivalent workers, earning less than $25,000 on average.  The general business credit can be redeemed starting in 2011 and the IRS is sending out postcard notifications to businesses that may be eligible.

Mercy Health Plans: How the Healthcare Bill Affects You and Them

Monday, March 29th, 2010

3704917769_c7547092f9_mAfter a year in the making, the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act has passed.  Katie Adams of Investopedia describes “10 Ways the New Healthcare Bill May Affect You.”  As long as they aren’t offered employer health coverage you can insure dependent kids up to age 26 now, regardless of whether or not they are in school.  The age limit was 19 or 23 if they were in school.  Health insurance companies like Mercy Health Plans will not be able to cancel your coverage because you get sick.  It was actually common for health insurance companies to cut costs by dropping the coverage of patients who fell ill.  Children cannot be denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions beginning this year.  In 2014, that will apply to adults as well.  Companies will no longer be able to cap the amount of lifetime coverage that patients receive, especially meaningful to people with expensive or chronic conditions.

A big change for people with pre-existing conditions that couldn’t obtain health insurance is that they will be able to purchase coverage through “high-risk pools” run by states that put a cap on your out-of-pocket expenses.  By 2014, you have to carry insurance coverage from a company like Aultcare or risk getting fined.  There will be government assistance for people who are not covered by employers and can’t afford coverage on their own.  There will be more options for coverage in 2014 with insurance marketplaces called “exchanges”.  There won’t be as much flexibility with flexible spending accounts in a few years.  Fewer expenses will qualify and you won’t be able to put as much pre-tax money into your FSA.  Family income greater than $250,000 will be taxed more in Medicare payroll taxes beginning in 2018.  Medicare costs will be changing for many, ranging from decreases for people who use it as their primary insurance to increases for high-income people.  Look for more details to come regarding the affects of the healthcare bill on you and your insurer.

Aultcare Offers Swine Flu Q & A

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

swine fluAultcare health insurance of Ohio offers a swine flu question and answer document on their website.  It highlights the issues that many Americans are concerned with regarding this flu.  The best way to avoid spreading the swine flu through sneezing and coughing is to stay away from others as much as possible.  Always cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when possible and throw it in the garbage.  If you don’t have a tissue, cover your mouth and immediately wash your hands to avoid spreading the swine flu.  Wash your hands in hot water for at least 15 seconds or use an alcohol based sanitizer to kill the germs.  Many people wonder how serious swine flu actually is.   Swine flu is just like other seasonal flus, the severity varies from person to person and could actually result in death for some.

Swine flu is caused by a type A influenza virus that previously only seemed to infect pigs.  This particular swine influenza A virus, also known as H1N1, is contagious and spreading from human to human.  Typical flu symptoms include fever, cough, sore throat, headache, body aches, fatigue, chills, vomiting and diarrhea.  Swine flu spreads through coughing and sneezing on other people.  Germs can also be transferred by mouth and even one person touching another and that person touching their own mouth.  The best prevention against the flu is getting enough rest, washing hands, drinking a lot of fluids, keeping stress down, and staying away from sick people.  Compare health insurance to see what treatments your doctor offers.  There are prescription antiviral medications that can make for a milder illness, reduce the illness length, and help avoid serious complications.

Compare Health Insurance…or just marry for it!

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

wedding ringsWhen Terri Carlson went to compare health insurance and determined it was out of her reach, she decided to find a husband with great health insurance instead.  According to “Married, with benefits: Calif. mom Terri Carlson starts Will Marry for Health Insurance Web site” by Rosemary Black of The New York Daily News, Carlson is looking to marry a virtual stranger in order to get good health insurance.  Recently divorced with her COBRA insurance coverage expiring this May, Carlson does not qualify for health insurance through her job and hasn’t been in the workforce long enough to get Social Security assistance since she stayed home with her kids for 24 years.

The charges for her Web site were less than $10 total and she has already had thousands of interested suitors.  While she hopes to find love as well, her top priority is marrying someone with excellent health insurance.  It could be with any company from Aultcare to Assurant Health, it doesn’t matter as long as it covers her medications.  Carlson has C4 complement deficiency, which is an autoimmune disease that leaves her body without the ability to fight off infections.  She takes up to 20 different prescription medications daily and says she just cannot afford to pay for those out of pocket.  Since she doesn’t see health care reform passing anytime in the near future, Carlson believes that Will Marry for Health Insurance is her best option.

Compare Health Insurance Reform for the Military

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

Many military people are worried about the effect of health care reform on both the active and retired military personnel, according to “Health reform’s effects on military care” from the Sun Herald of Mississippi.  They worry that when you compare health insurance today to the Senate-passed ‘Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’, the military plan ‘Tricare for Life’ will be eliminated.  Both the Obama administration and Democrats in Congress insist that health-care reform will not effect the military in any negative way.  In fact, they say that many of the 16 million veterans currently not enrolled in VA health care will have access to greater benefits and tax credits.

Section 311 of the bill states that the Defense and the Veterans Affairs Departments ability to provide Tricare and other VA health-care will not be affected by the new health-care plan.  The National Military Family Association and other military organizations worry that unplanned negative effects will occur.  Since Tricare fees are tied to Medicare, they worry that new “health insurance exchanges” will give doctors higher fees from private insurance that Tricare cannot match.  Aultcare of Ohio and other health insurance plans would easily be able to beat the fees Tricare can currently pay to doctors and Tricare wouldn’t be able to compete.  Military organizations are urging lawmakers to take a look at the unintended negative consequences that could come out of their health-care reform.

Compare Health Insurance From Aultcare So You’re Covered

Friday, December 18th, 2009

There are over 45 million Americans living without healthcare, according to the USA Today article “More that 45 million Americans now lack health insurance” by Robert Preidt.  That is a full 15% of our population without health insurance according to this National Health Interview Survey.  NHIS has been collecting data since 1957 and it is used to monitor health trends across the United States.  Aultcare, a healthcare provider in Ohio, seeks to help lower the number of uninsured Americans with their focus on profitability for employers and attractive health plans for employees.

Nearly 20% of the survey participants had been uninsured for at least part of the last year while close to 11% had been uninsured for more than a year.  There are so many children included in the number of uninsured Americans that it is heartbreaking.  Over 12% of poor children and close to 12% of near-poor children are not covered by any health insurance.  With the government working hard on a health insurance plan for the nation, Americans can be hopeful that they’ll be able to compare health insurance to find a good plan for their family.  Getting Americans healthcare coverage should be a top priority.