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Blue Cross Blue Shield Will Offer Exchange Plans in All Florida Counties

Friday, August 16th, 2013

Florida’s health insurance exchange will open for business on October 1 of this year, with plans taking effect next January 1.  The health insurance exchanges will offer more coverage options to Americans who couldn’t afford health insurance before.  That is the idea at least.  Florida Blue’s Joe Gregor does believe that consumers will have more affordable options and less difficulty finding health insurance when the Affordable Care Act takes full effect.  According to the Orlando Sentinel’s “More details emerge on Florida health insurance exchange,” Marni Jameson said that we now know how many insurers will offer plans in each Florida county.  It’s actually not as many as you might expect, with some counties only having one insurer offering plans.  Blue Cross Blue Shield will be the lone insurer in some of the more rural counties, but they assure Floridians that their prices reflect expected competition and not the fact that they are the sole option in some places.

Ten insurance companies were federally approved to offer plans in Florida, some in one county and some in many of Florida’s 67 counties.  Aetna Life Insurance Company, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, Cigna Health & Life Insurance Company, Coventry Health Care of Florida Inc., Florida Health Care Plan Inc., Health First Health Plans, Health First Insurance Company, Health Options Inc., Humana Medical Plan Inc., and Molina Health Care of Florida Inc. are the ten approved companies.  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida will be the only insurance company offering affordable coverage in all 67 counties.  The big counties in South Florida like Miami-Dade and Broward will have nine different choices, but which insurers are operating in which counties has yet to be released.  Palm Beach county residents will have eight insurance choices and most Central Florida counties have five or six different options from which to choose.

Each insurance company will offer different tiers of plans that will range from bronze to platinum.  The lower plans will obviously offer less coverage than the highest plans, but you can choose what you need for the price you will be able to afford.  The government is offering credits to Americans with certain income levels to help pay for the cost of their mandated health insurance.  In order to receive any government help with health insurance though, you have to choose from the federally approved plans.  In 21 counties in Florida, Blue Cross Blue Shield or Florida Blue as they operate in the state, will be the only insurance exchange option.  Other counties will have more choices.  But each county will have at least one insurance company operating in it, something that some state have not yet been able to accomplish.  If you live in Florida and are looking to purchase health insurance through the new exchange soon, you should have some affordable options for coverage.

Humana Covers Missing 36 Counties in Mississippi

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

There is good news for those without health insurance in Mississippi.  Considering it is one of the fattest states in America, it’s scary that so many Mississippi residents don’t have health insurance.  Even more worrisome was the fact that 36 counties in the state almost didn’t have coverage available under the government’s Health Insurance Marketplace.  Luckily, that did not happen and all of the 82 counties in Mississippi will have health insurance plan choices available.  In the article, “Health insurance exchange will be offered in all 82 counties,” Jimmie E. Gates of The Clarion Ledger talks about the big changes that recently happened in Mississippi.  Mike Chaney, the state’s Insurance Commissioner, is pleased that all of the state’s residents will at least have access to health insurance in the federally run Health Insurance Marketplace.

Humana is to thank for this big turn of events in Mississippi.  As of last month, Humana planned to offer health insurance plans in four of the 82 counties in the state.  But in an amazing display of ethics, Humana made the decision to offer coverage in an additional 36 counties.  The Insurance Commissioner was concerned about all of the residents who wouldn’t be able to get coverage in this marketplace.  He says that Humana has demonstrated great corporate citizenship by extending its offerings to the other counties.  Humana is already covering 200,000 residents in Mississippi.  This is including individual insureds as well as employer plans, Medicare recipients, and military retirees and their families.  Magnolia Health Plans is also covering a good portion of the counties in Mississippi.

Humana to Sell More Than Health Insurance

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Humana, Inc. is now selling their customers more than health insurance through a partnership with Lincoln Financial Group.  According to “Humana Inc. Forms Partnership with Lincoln Financial,” Henry Steelman of Annuity News Journal announces that the health insurance company will now offer customers long term care insurance and fixed indexed annuities.  Pennsylvania-based Lincoln Financial and Kentucky-based Humana both have much to gain from the partnership.  Humana is now able to offer their customers the whole package to plan for their financial future and Lincoln’s products will now be introduced to a wider range of consumers who may never have seen a financial planner.

Long term care insurance is more important than ever as people live longer and the cost of long term care increases dramatically year to year.  Fixed indexed annuities are popular investments that combine benefits from annuities and CDs to help consumers cover basic living expenses over their entire lifetime.  Those who compare health insurance from Humana will not only be able to cover their health insurance expenses, but will also be able to protect against other large costs in retirement.  The MoneyGuard long term care insurance from Lincoln Financial is a popular product and is what Humana will be offering to its customers.  There will be 2000 Humana agents selling Lincoln Financial’s products to their customers.  Both companies hope to increase the availability of retirement products to consumers.

Humana Gets Good News About Medicare

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

humanaAccording to “Humana wins Medicare approval for 2011 plans” from Business First of Lousiville, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission just reported that Humana Inc. has Medicare approval for 2011.  They will be able to offer Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans for the next policy year, keeping up with any federal Medicare changes.

Humana will offer prescription drug plans across all of America as well as in Puerto Rico.  They are also joining forces with Wal-Mart Stores Inc. to co-brand a prescription drug plan in the U.S.  HMO plans will be available in 26 states and Puerto Rico, local PPO plans in 39 states and Puerto Rico, and regional PPO plans in 23 states belonging to Medicare Advantage regions.  Full-network and partial-network Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS) plans will be offered in 34 and 28 states, respectively.  In two states, non-network PFFS plans will be offered.

November 15 will start the enrollment period for the 2011 Medicare plans.  Humana reported fewer commercial segment customers from 2008 to 2009, mostly because of high unemployment causing large numbers of uninsured Americans.  They also saw a decrease in medical members between the two years.  Their specialty-benefit membership increased however.  Medicare Advantage plan membership increased, while the prescription drug plan membership decreased.  Humana’s net income and revenue increased from 2008 to 2009.

UPMC Health Insurance For Retirees Abroad

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

earthFor those looking to retire abroad, it may be difficult to find health insurance but it surely isn’t impossible.  “How to Find Retiree Health Insurance Abroad” by Kathleen Peddicord of U.S. News & World Report discusses this issue.  It’s possible that you will even find health insurance for better prices overseas than you could in the U.S. from reputable companies like UPMC health insurance.  Just as it is in the U.S., it is crucial that you understand your policy, all the details of your coverage, your deductibles and your premiums.  Especially if you are moving to a country speaking a language other than English, you need to make sure you know all the fine print.

Even within a country, all of the plan details and costs can vary significantly when you start to compare health insurance.  Some insurance carriers only accept applicants up until a certain age so that is important to research before deciding to move away for retirement.  You can get a comprehensive insurance policy in the Dominican Republic for under $90 a month as a 60-year old man.  In Uruguay, you can get top notch hospital-based coverage for $50 per month, but it can only be used at that hospital and is not technically health insurance since you can’t use it elsewhere.

Prepaid medical center programs are your best bet in countries like Ecuador.  Humana is one of the leading insurers in Ecuador offering this program, where a 75-year old man can get basic coverage for less than $90 per month.  In Ireland, there are insurance plans that even cover you out of the country for as low as $60 per month.  Malaysia has long been known as one of the  most affordable places to get health care that is excellent.  Many of their medical staff speak English and trained in Western countries.  You can find plans under $20 a month for a 50-year old man.  Regardless of the location you desire to retire, don’t forget to research your health insurance options before moving out of the U.S.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of RI Insures the Uninsured

Friday, August 27th, 2010

According to “RI Blue Cross opens plan for the sick, uninsured,” Felice Freyer of The Providence Journal says that this new program could be just what many Rhode Islanders were hoping for.  The money for the program comes from federal health care reform money.  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island was selected by the state to run this plan for uninsured residents who have pre-existing chronic illnesses.  The plan is called the Pre-existing Condition Plan for Rhode Island and Blue Cross Blue Shield has already started the application process.

There are 34 pre-existing conditions covered by the plan including diabetes, cancer, asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, kidney disease, and pulmonary disease.  Blue Cross is using $13 million of federal money to run this program for the uninsured.  Individuals must not only have one of the included pre-existing conditions, but must also have been uninsured for 6 months or more.  It’s possible that other states will come out with similar plans for companies like Humana to run with federal health care funds.

While the program will be limited to the $13 million one time fund, this is meant to bridge the gap until 2014 when federal law changes to require insurance companies to cover the uninsured.  Rhode Island actually already requires companies to cover individuals with pre-existing conditions, but the steep cost of coverage makes it impossible for some people to pay for it.  Receiving subsidies from this new Blue Cross program should help many Rhode Islanders obtain insurance coverage for their chronic conditions.

Aetna Health Insurance Among Top Companies

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

The top ten U.S. health insurance companies were recently rated by EquiTrend.  A press release from Blue Cross Blue Shield announces them as the top rated health insurance brand in the survey.  “Blue Cross/Blue Shield Highest Ranked Health Insurance Company Among Consumers” highlights the top six health insurers.  Aetna health insurance came in ranked second by consumers followed by United Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente, CIGNA, and Humana.  The study to determine these rankings asked consumers about trust, equity, the connection to consumers, energy, commitment, and brand behavior and equity.

Many Americans will become more involved in choosing their health insurance company with the coming health care reform.  Instead of just going with the company that their employer offers coverage through, consumers will be researching ways to cut costs and maintain benefits as more of the health care burden is shifted to them.  Health care reform can bring about billions of dollars in revenue to insurance companies, but they’ll have to make the right marketing moves in order to get this new business.  Consumers’ perception of a company is just as important as their product, cost, and benefits since it can be hard to tell the difference in companies by those latter factors.

Humana Medicare Health Plans Through EHealth

Friday, June 18th, 2010

According to National Underwriter’s article “EHealth To Distribute Humana Medicare Products,” EHealth will make it even easier to obtain Humana Medicare health plans.  Through the internet, EHealth will sell Medicare Advantage, Medicare supplement, and Medicare Part D prescription benefits from Humana, Inc.  EHealth of California is the parent company to  Humana is based in Louisville, Kentucky.

Many tools will be available through the website.  You can compare plans online and choose one that fits best with your needs.  There are also applications that can be filled out and filed online.  With a calculator to figure out your out-of-pocket costs, you’ll be better able to determine the real expenses to you and your family.  The website also offers a formulary tool as well as a tool to locate physicians in your area.  Medicare agents will run a toll-free customer service system as well.