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Montana Health Cooperative Gets Its License

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

Insurance regulators in Montana have supported the Montana Health Cooperative’s plan to change the face of health care by issuing their license.  Federal money helped to establish this nonprofit health insurer, run by Jerry Dworak.  In “Montana Health Cooperative gets OK from state, will manage insurance exchange,” the Med City News staff says that this operating license is a big step for the health cooperative.  Dworak says that their goal is to help Montana’s residents get more affordable health care that is also higher quality and more coordinated across the different doctors.  This nonprofit health insurer is completely consumer-focused and Dworak is excited to get customers into the program starting in October of next year.

The $58 million federal loan received by the Montana Health Cooperative will help the insurer run until they meet their 40,000 member goal in their third year of business.  The co-op is going to sell policies in the new federally mandated health insurance exchanges.  Co-ops like this are coming about around the U.S. to help customers looking for health insurance that is more affordable.  Those being forced to purchase health insurance by 2014 should be able to find better value in the nonprofit competition space.  Too many states have a few dominating insurers setting the tone for pricing in the industry.  Montana’s insurance commissioner gave the co-op their certificate of authority because of the operating plans they have spelled out.  The Montana Health Cooperative’s chairman of the board is confident that Montana’s co-op will lead the way for other states setting up nonprofit health insurers to meet residents’ needs.