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Obama’s Vote: Compare Health Insurance Reform

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

obamaRecent abortion and Medicare disputes in Congress have people wondering what will happen during Sunday’s health care reform vote.  According to The New York Times article “Democrats Woo Abortion Foes in Push for Health Bill” by David Herszenhorn and Robert Pear, Democrats seem to be scrambling to get enough votes to pass this historic health care reform.  If you compare health insurance reform ideas from past Presidents, President Obama says that all of them were trying to fix this broken system.  The Democrats in opposition of abortion support the bill with inclusions banning federal government money from covering the cost of abortions.

There is also a dispute over the rates of Medicare payments between legislators in different states.  The original proposal in the bill was taken out to make it more desirable to opposing legislators, but some Democrats want the wording put back.  Representatives from states like Oregon disagree with other states getting much higher percentages of Medicare reimbursement.  They argued that procedures don’t cost three times as much in Miami as they do somewhere like Portland.  Many Americans and Republicans worry that the health care reform on the table will put smaller insurance companies like Aultcare health insurance out of business as they can no longer afford to operate.  Political lines have been drawn over the $940 billion health care bill and it remains to be seen whether the bill will pass and if so, what the outcome will be.

Fallon Health Insurance for the Vancouver Olympics?

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

vancouverWhile the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics are in full swing, thousands of spectators from all over the world have flocked to Vancouver, Canada.  With snow, ice, and cold temperatures, hopefully fans planned ahead and purchased travel health insurance for their trip.  Daniel Workman of Health Insurance Suite 101 wrote about available coverage in “Winter Olympics Travel Medical Insurance.”  Manulife Financial is Canada’s largest health insurance company.  They offered individual rates to travelers from the United States, Sweden, Germany, Australia, Russia, China, Italy, and Japan; all countries who have athletes participating in the games.

For consumers with Fallon health insurance, Aultcare health insurance, or other insurance plans, they should always check with their personal insurance company first to see if they cover medical care while traveling.  If not, additional coverage is wise.  No one wants an accidental injury or emergency on vacation to ruin not only their trip, but their finances as well.  The rates are much cheaper the younger your age, but are the same for males and females and residents of any included country.  The exclusions to the insurance are few, but should always be checked out before purchase.  Whether traveling to the Olympics or somewhere else, if your health plan doesn’t include travel insurance look into separate trip coverage.

Compare Health Insurance to Get the Most from IRS Help

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

An Internal Revenue Service program seeks to help laid-off workers pay for health insurance, according to the Columbus Dispatch article “Laid-off workers get IRS help on health insurance,” by Suzanne Hoholik.  While the IRS program has been around since 2002, it doesn’t seem to be well-known among those laid-off workers who are paying out of pocket for their health care.  They should compare health insurance to get the best plan possible so that the IRS’s 80% coverage goes even further.  With close to 11% of Ohioans unemployed, the IRS is trying to spread the word about this program throughout the hard hit state.

To qualify for IRS health care assistance, you have to have lost your job to foreign outsourcing or to a foreign company.  Jobs that are included in this “trade-affected” program are auto workers and others who worked in the plants, and call center workers.  You also qualify if you are between the ages of 55 and 65 and are receiving a pension from the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation because of the failure of your company’s pension.  Ohio workers can look for a good insurance plan from a company like Aultcare health insurance in Stark County, then get the IRS to pay for 80% of the premium for a period of time.  If you have been laid-off and meet the qualifications for this plan, your monthly expenses could be significantly reduced.

Aultcare Health Insurance Keeps Increases Low

Friday, November 20th, 2009

In “Soaring health care premiums hurting employers” by Robert Wang of the Canton Repository, Wang highlights an issue many employers are struggling with.  Health care costs are the second highest business expense next to payroll for many employers.  They have to pass some of the costs onto their employees who now have higher deductibles, co-pays and caps on out-of-pocket expenses.  The unfortunate consequences are that employees have delayed seeking medical care until their conditions cost two or three times more to treat and some people are dying from delayed treatment.

Some companies have been lucky enough to escape the double digit health care cost increases.  One company with Aultcare health insurance is happy to have a single digit increase this year.  They believe that is based partly on a wellness program that was recently introduced to help employees live healthier lifestyles.  Health care costs for employers seem to rise more for smaller businesses because one expensive claim makes a larger impact.  As technology costs more and claims increase, the cost to employers and employees seems to keep rising.  It will be interesting to see what comes of all this government health care reform talk.