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Low Income Health Insurance Enrollment in Utah

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

Attention Utah residents: tomorrow is a big day if you are looking for cheap health insurance for your low income family.  This information comes from The Salt Lake Tribune’s Jennifer Dobner in her article “Health insurance open enrollment for low income Utahns begins.  Starting Monday, April 22, open enrollment for The Utah Department of Health low income health insurance program is available.  Individual residents have until May 6 to enroll, while families get some extra time and don’t have a deadline until May 17.  The program, called The Primary Care Network (PCN), is available for Utahns who are uninsured.  They have to be between the ages of 19 and 64 and can either have children or not.

Anyone applying for the low income program has to be a U.S. resident and has to meet the specific requirements when it comes to their level of income.  They cannot be able to obtain insurance coverage from Medicaid, Medicare, or veterans coverage to be eligible.  Single people must earn less than $17,235, or 150% of the federal poverty guidelines.  Families with four members can qualify if they earn less than $35,325 yearly.  You can apply for the health insurance coverage on the state health department’s PCN website.  Utahns who qualify will have to pay $50 each year for their coverage, which includes some preventative care.  There is limited coverage for doctors visits, prescriptions, dental and vision visits, routine immunizations, and some other preventative services.  Make sure you don’t miss the deadline for this year’s enrollment in Utah’s low income health insurance program.